Reaching Out To Your Readers

At no other time in publishing history has there been an opportunity for authors to so easily connect with their current readers and find new ones around the world. This opportunity is your chance to engage your readers, and create awesome fans who love to buy your books. This is the power of the internet. […]

Discover Your Brand

While I don’t think an author should go back to school for a marketing degree, I do think it is important for an author to understand some simple marketing concepts because every author will have to spend some time promoting their work. A Brand, in terms of promotion is developing a persona of sorts…You need […]

Do You Suffer from The Sideways Syndrome?

I remember teaching my son how to ride a bike when he was five. We took him down to the park, took the training wheels off, gave him some instruction and, eventually, taught him to ride a bike. Although it was hard for him at first, he quickly wanted us to stop holding the bike […]

How to Promote Your Book on Social Media

(The answer is, you don't!)

Many authors are hesitant to promote their book online because they are afraid that they will come off sounding like a used car salesman. They assume that promoting their book means “yelling” “BUY MY BOOK please?” every time they are online. True, some people do this, but they turn off more readers than they ever […]

What is Your Amazon Author Ranking?

Do you have a profile on Amazon’s Author Central? If you have a book on, you should have an author profile page–it is free, it gives you more exposure, makes you more easily found in searches, and makes you look like a professional author. I received an email recently from Amazon Author Central that […]