3 Top Sites For Authors

Three Online Sites Every Author Should Be On

which oneWhat are the top sites for authors?

Some people will tell you it’s Twitter. Others will say Facebook. Still others are sure Pinterest is the place to be. And I will tell you, yes, you should be on those social media sites if your readers are on those sites. But no, those are not the answer.

 My list of the three online sites every author should be on transcends traditional social media sites. You should be on two out of three of them because their audiences are READERS, and the third one you should be on because of the awesome features it has for interaction with your fans.

 Interested to know which ones I think are a good place for every author should be?

 Here they are!

  1. Goodreads.com 
This is where readers and book clubs hang out. They have great tools for authors including giveaways, interviews and more. You are missing out on a great opportunity to network with readers if you skip out on Goodreads.
  2. BookTrib.comI have just learned about BookTrib.com and I am intrigued. They bill themselves as an aggregator of book blogs (what better place to network with reviewers?), and they also feature authors, titles, giveaways and a social community component. Memberships are free, but if you want to promote your book on the site there is a fee.  The site does not have a ton of traffic according to compete.com, but I think they have a neat idea worth looking into.
  3. Google+I have a Google+ account, but I’m ashamed to say I don’t use it to its full abilities. Recently I’ve been participating in chats and webinars on Google+ and I think this is a boon for authors. Just think about how easy it would be to interact with a book club, hold a reading for your circles, or promote a giveaway using Google+ livechat! I’m a fan! So much so that I will probably have a group for the PublishingClub members on Google+.

There is a lot of potential to connect with your fans through these three sites. And connecting with your fans is really what it’s all about!

For all of these sites, first sign up as a user. Explore the features. See how other authors are using the site. Then set a date (and a budget for some) and become an author on those sites [setting the date is just a way to give you a deadline to make sure it happens!]. Interact with your readers (in a helpful and authentic way–don’t just push your latest book), and watch your relationships with your fans grow!

Now it’s your turn: Which of these three sites do you like best and why?