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When a writer finds out that I am a publishing coach, one of the first questions they ask me goes something like this:

“I’m a writer! I’ve written a lot of stories. And I have a manuscript that I want to publish, but I’m stuck because I don’t know really what to do next.”

Self publishing can be an exciting experience. And by exciting I mean there are so many things going on, and the industry is changing all the time, and there are so many steps to the process, that it’s sometimes hard to figure out what to do next.

  • When do you start promoting your book?
  • How do you get the manuscript into book format?
  • Who should edit your book?
  • Where can you get a cover made?
  • How long does the publishing process take?

That’s why I’ve created The Self-Publishing Action Guide.

SPAG 3D coverThis workbook walks you through the steps of self-publishing and helps you map it all out so you can stop wondering what to do and start taking action on your goals.

But this isn’t for everyone~

  • If you have a manuscript that has been sitting on your shelf for years, and you are content to keep it that way, this isn’t for you.
  • If you have ten books you have started writing, but none you have finished, this isn’t for you.


  • If you are a writer who has a story of inspiration that you just have to share with the world, this download will help you!
  • If you know that you want to publish, and promote your work (gulp!), then this is the perfect download for you!
  • If you are starting, or if you are in the middle of, your self-publishing journey and you are wondering what to do next…this download is for you!

And it’s free!

What’s Inside:

SPAG sample graphic

  •  An outline of each step of publishing from writing to publishing to promoting
  • A timeline for each step so you can schedule your time
  • Action Guides so you can plan the details of your book project
  • An Action Guide Planner so you can schedule your publishing project like a pro

Are you ready to take action and publish your book?

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Get Your Action Guide Here!


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