Afraid to Publish Your Book? You’re not Alone…

Publishing a Book is Like Being Naked in Public

nakedThe last three weeks that I work with a personal publishing client, I always have to have my pancake turner handy so I can talk my authors off the ceiling when they get nervous right before publishing.

It happens with every single client!

The call will sound something like this (and usually comes right as we are beginning our distribution process):

 Author: I think we need to stop. I have to go back through my book and make sure everything is okay.

Me: Okay. But you know we have reviewed it and checked it for errors at least six times.

 Author: Yeah, I know. I’m just nervous. Someone was on my blog today and made some negative comments about something, and I wrote about that same topic in my book.

 Me: Hmmm. How many comments do you have on that post?

 Author: Oh, about 20.

Me: And how many negative comments?

 Author: Well, just this one…

Me: Don’t let one comment stop you in your tracks and make you change what you have set out to do. What about all of the people who have told you they love what you have to say…or tell you that they can’t wait for your book?!


…And the conversation continues as we unwrap the underlying reasons for their fear. That underlying reason? Nudity.

Publishing a book is very much like running naked through your neighborhood.

It is a very scary thing to put yourself out there and watch and wait as the world receives it.

Here’s what happens to every single author/client I’ve worked with right before we publish: something.

Something always happens to make us doubt ourselves.

Or challenge our resolve.

Or make us want to stop all together.

This happens even more when you are writing about faith…when you want to inspire someone or point them toward God’s love. The enemy is out there and doesn’t want a message of love and hope distract the world from it’s despair. So some warfare is going to happen.

Here are some things you can do to get over those challenges that crop up and try to prevent you from changing the status quo.

  1. Pray. Especially if you are writing about faith. Pray that your book will be received well. That God will go before you and make your path straight. Pray for courage. And then be excited about what is going to happen.
  2. Examine your resolve. Are you still convinced this story has elements that will inspire your readers? Will they be entertained? Do you still believe this should be read by others? Then keep moving forward in your resolve. It’s gotten you this far!
  3. Talk to a coach. Having someone on your side who can look at the situation objectively and provide expertise is a very valuable ally. As is this case with my authors, you may learn that this happens to many authors right before they publish. And if it is that common, you’ll see that you can move beyond it.


How about you? What kinds of things happen to you right before you are ready to publish?

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