Another Way to Get Published

Sometimes it just takes a little creativity to get your name and a story out there. Sometimes it just takes an app.

StoryCorps is a cool concept that I keep hearing about on the news and through some blogs.

So I’m sharing this with you because:

1) stories are important
2) we need to share our stories

But not because I am an affiliate or get any kind of kickback from this organization. I just think it’s cool.

Okay, back to the concept of StoryCorps. They are an organization who is collecting short question and answer interviews from people all over the country via a mobile recording studio. The concept is you go into the recording booth with someone important to you and you ask them four or five questions. The questions and answers are recorded and archived so future generations can learn what is important to us.

Now they even have an app so you can record short interviews right from your smart phone. How cool is that! What a great way for a new writer to practice interviewing and podcasting, and a great idea for a newly or soon-to-be published writer to get some additional exposure.

I already have a few ideas about how I would use this…how about you?