Blogging for Authors

When you first start blogging, it takes a while to get followers. But it won’t take as long to build your author blog if you start creating online relationships before you launch your blog.

Top Tip #3

author blogging participate[DAP]

Participate Before You Proliferate

In order for your blog to gain followers, those followers first have to know you are out there. One way to help them learn who you are is to to start creating relationships with people online. Participate in other blogs before you start proliferating on your own.

You prove who you are when you participate on other blogs either as a commenter or a guest poster. You show people that you are not just in this as a scammer or a spammer. You prove to them that you have something to say–something to offer the world.

Here are some ways you can Participate:

  1. Start Following Other Blogs: pick three or five blogs that entertain you–and that entertain your potential target audience–and subscribe to the blog feeds. You will start noticing why those blogs are popular, and you’ll start getting ideas about what you want to do on your blog.
  2. Join Online Groups: go checkout online groups like Goodreads, or groups within social media sites (like LinkedIn Groups or Facebook groups). Look for groups that not only interest you, but also groups that will be interested in the knowledge and information that you will bring to the party.
  3. Participate on the social media pages of your peers and even your competitors. You can find them on LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pintrest…just to name a few!
  4. Make Comments: but make sure your comments add value. Don’t just say, “Great article,” but add information like: “I’ve also found that when I apply these principles in my own writing…”

Bonus: Online Etiquette

Always leave your name at the end of a post. Only after you’ve been commenting on a blog for a few weeks, should you add your website as part of your signature SOMETIMES. Don’t do that a lot. The purpose here is to create relationships, not push your wares.

Action Step:

List some blogs or people you’d like to follow or groups you’d like to join.


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