Book Publishing Options

Which is better–eBook or Print?

print and ebookSometimes a new author will inquire if producing an eBook or a print book is a better option.

This is not a question to which I can give a one-word answer.

When deciding which medium to distribute your book in, you really need to consider your Audience, your Goals, and your Budget.


Your audience matters a lot in this decision. If you have an older audience, or one that has not embraced the eBook, it doesn’t make sense to only produce an eBook. Your audience won’t buy it. If your audience is younger and/or technologically savvy, then an eBook makes more sense.


Consider your goals. Do you want to publish a book more quickly? Have it available for download? Then an eBook makes sense for you. Do you speak and hold events where selling a physical, print book is more desirable? Then in that case you would want a print book.


Overall, it is less expensive to produce an eBook–there are fewer files and you don’t have to pay attention to page breaks when laying out a book that flows on a eReader. It also takes less time to produce and distribute an eBook.

Here is something I always tell my clients:  If you are going to do a print book, converting the files into an eBook just take a quick click of a button (for the most part), so I generally always recommend producing an eBook if you are doing print since there is not too much extra cost to doing so.

However, if you do an eBook first, it does take a little more time and money to go back and ready the files for print.

Does that help answer the question?

Let me know if you have any others in the comments below!