Boost Your Creativity

Some days you totally rock at being a published author! You are writing your book, connecting with your fans, and you love your writing life.

But the day may come when you get out of bed and you just don’t want to do the things you need to do to be a successful author. (Those things, by the way, are writing and promoting your book–just in case you were wondering.) Maybe you are too busy, or too stressed out.

Or maybe your creativity just needs a little jolt.

girl writer getting ideas
Vitamin C to the rescue!

I just read an article discussing how eating fresh fruits and vegetables can boost your mood and your creativity. I don’t know a single writer or publisher who wouldn’t love the fresh ideas and inspiration that comes from a boost in mood and creativity, do you?

A study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology reported that the people who ate up to seven servings of fresh fruits and vegetables a day had up to five times more curiosity and three times more creativity than the people who didn’t eat as well.

In addition, the study found that those eating healthier foods also had a greater sense of purpose and were generally happier than the others in the study. The study correlates these feelings of awesomeness to increased levels of vitamin C and poly phenols which are abundant in fresh foods.fresh food

So the next time you find yourself in a creative slump, you may want to try the timeless tricks of going for a walk or changing your surroundings–but do it while you nosh on some carrot sticks or snack on a juicy apple. Then you will amp up your curiosity and creativity so you can tackle the tasks at hand with renewed energy and excitement.

Your story: What about you? Share below what you do to boost your creativity!