Do You Suffer from The Sideways Syndrome?

I remember teaching my son how to ride a bike when he was five. We took him down to the park, took the training wheels off, gave him some instruction and, eventually, taught him to ride a bike. Although it was hard for him at first, he quickly wanted us to stop holding the bike […]

I’m a Quitter! (And So Are You)

I’m a Quitter. Yep. I said it. I’m a quitter. But so are you! Don’t feel bad, this happens to almost everyone–usually just before you are about to succeed. I see it all the time. I find that right before you are about to make a breakthrough to success, the old patterns of mediocrity grab on […]

Summertime Management for Writing Goals

How to Stay on Top of Your Writing Goals: Here we are in the midst of summer! Are you staying on track with your writing goals? We are juggling vacations, company, day trips, play at the pool, BBQs with friends and neighbors. There is so much going on that I’m not following my regular writing […]

rePost: How to Create Raving Fans

Make Your Fans Feel Special In an interview I did last week, I stressed the importance of having a great fan base because as an author, your fans will help you become a best selling author. The way they talk about you, share about you, recommend you to their friends will help you sell more […]

Do it Now

I read an interesting verse in my devotions this morning. It basically said, you know what to do…now stop thinking about it and go do it. I’m looking around my office and I have binders and baskets full of ideas for writing and for my publishing coach business. I get tons of email newsletters each […]