The Heart of Christmas!

  Conventional wisdom dictates that if I stop blogging every week during the holiday season, I will lose all of my readers. If I don’t offer specials and sales this month, I won’t have a business in the new year. Well, I’m taking that chance. I have to follow what God has laid on my […]

Afraid to Publish Your Book? You’re not Alone…

Publishing a Book is Like Being Naked in Public The last three weeks that I work with a personal publishing client, I always have to have my pancake turner handy so I can talk my authors off the ceiling when they get nervous right before publishing. It happens with every single client! The call will […]

Christmas Eve is Two Months Away!

Well, the holidays are nearly upon us! I’m already seeing Christmas displays (some of which have been up since September!). And I’m looking at my calendar and trying to budget my time between shopping, cooking, traveling and socializing, working and writing. It’s an exciting time of year, but as writers (and business entrepreneurs–which describes any […]

Experience or Theory?

You are an amazing being! The way you do things is a compound of your experience and your intelligence–perfectly designed to work together to make an impact on the world around you. But when you write or publish (and want to make a living at it), you might find yourself getting caught up in “how […]