rePost: How to Create Raving Fans

Make Your Fans Feel Special In an interview I did last week, I stressed the importance of having a great fan base because as an author, your fans will help you become a best selling author. The way they talk about you, share about you, recommend you to their friends will help you sell more […]

Should an Author Use Instagram?

My author/clients usually groan when I say social media. “Ughhhh…do I have to do it?” they will complain. My answer? “Only if you want to sell the book that you have poured yourself into and paid good money to publish.” Today, let’s chat about Instagram. Here is what it is in a nutshell (and shamelessly […]

Why Authors Need Twitter

I know it seems silly sometimes; posting 140 character updates to a social media outlet. You may think its a waste of time and effort but you may be missing the boat! Twitter is the preferred social media venue for news shows, reporters, politicians, publishers and literary agents. It would be a bad move for […]