A New Freebie for Action-Oriented Authors

stop guessing what to do next...

Self publishing can be an exciting experience. And by exciting I mean there are so many things going on, and the industry is changing all the time, and there are so many steps to the process, that it’s sometimes hard to figure out what to do next. When a writer finds out that I am […]

3 Reasons You Aren’t Writing, Publishing or Marketing your Book

...and what you can do about it

Do you ever find yourself knowing what you want, but not able to get there? You can’t make time in your day to write. You run around putting out fires leaving little time to work on your publishing goals. You get on social media and find you’ve spent an hour watching videos and you’ve forgotten […]

rePost: How to Create Raving Fans

Make Your Fans Feel Special In an interview I did last week, I stressed the importance of having a great fan base because as an author, your fans will help you become a best selling author. The way they talk about you, share about you, recommend you to their friends will help you sell more […]

Publishing an eBook

Publishing 101-Phase 3 [Your Book] eBooks Everything you need to know about Indie Publishing in a Step-by-Step Plan Now that you have your manuscript finished and ready to publish, and you’ve received a pep talk from your coach, it’s time to think about how you want to go about publishing your book. You have a […]

Choosing Kindle Royalty Options

How do you know which royalty option to choose on Kindle Direct Publishing? I had a Twitter conversation this week that made me realize I know something that I haven’t been disclosing to my clients or readers. So today, I thought I’d make it right by sharing with you the facts about choosing your royalty […]

Publishing Outlook for 2014

How to Rise Above the Publishing Noise in 2014 Publishing has changed a lot in the last few years. More people are doing it, and sadly fewer are highly successful. The book market is flooded with mediocre, poorly-made books filled with typos and poor writing. And sadly, it will probably get worse before it gets […]

Your Book Proposal

Question of The Week: How Do I Create a Book Proposal? (with a free download!) Your book proposal is an important document whether you self publish or publish traditionally. When you self publish, the book proposal helps you analyze your concept, your market, your ability to produce sales and your competition. It gives you great […]