Should an Author Use Instagram?

My author/clients usually groan when I say social media. “Ughhhh…do I have to do it?” they will complain. My answer? “Only if you want to sell the book that you have poured yourself into and paid good money to publish.” Today, let’s chat about Instagram. Here is what it is in a nutshell (and shamelessly […]

Basic Self Publishing Costs

 Self Publishing Costs Where Should I Spend my Money? I’m often asked, “Which are the best places to spend my publishing money, and where can I get away with spending less?” Since I answer that question so often, I thought I should make a quick list here for your easy reference. Thursday I talked about […]

The Heart of Christmas!

  Conventional wisdom dictates that if I stop blogging every week during the holiday season, I will lose all of my readers. If I don’t offer specials and sales this month, I won’t have a business in the new year. Well, I’m taking that chance. I have to follow what God has laid on my […]

Your Book Proposal

Question of The Week: How Do I Create a Book Proposal? (with a free download!) Your book proposal is an important document whether you self publish or publish traditionally. When you self publish, the book proposal helps you analyze your concept, your market, your ability to produce sales and your competition. It gives you great […]

Publishing a Book has Never Been More Affordable!

Question of the Week: Do I have to buy thousands of books to publish? Back in the 1900s (as my millennial son likes to say), if you considered publishing a book, you were beholden to a printer for at least a one-thousand-book order that you then stored in your garage while you waited for people […]