Coach’s Note for June

A monthly note from me with tips, tools and time savers that make self publishing easier!

Anyone who has talked with me about self publishing knows they will hear about blogging in our conversation. Blogging is the best tool you have to continually connect with your readers new and old with new content and ideas. It keeps your relationship with your fans fresh…and if we’ve talked about blogging, we’ve also talked about the importance of images on your blog.

coach's note

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Today I have two great tools that make images easy and free—who doesn’t love easy and free!

The first is This is a great source for free photos to use on your blog. The photos themselves are masterpieces and will make any blog look so professional. If you like them be sure to share the love and post about them on social media. Remember, be sure to read the copyright agreement about how you can use the photos.

Next, you can use to edit your photos with fun features like text, borders and filters. This tool is so easy to use, and most of the features can be accessed for free. You can have fun with colors and textures…but remember not to go overboard! Beauty is usually something that is understated.

Do you like these tools? In the comments below tell me what you think!

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