Self Publishing Success Story!

Success Story! P.D. Hall with Asael and The Grand Orange Effect Patty Hall is a children’s author who has produced a beautiful book that is sure to be an heirloom piece on the bookshelves of families for many years to come! Her attention to detail and her mission point the way to her success as […]

Self Publishing Success!

My Author/Client’s Self Publishing Successes in just the last week! I love when I get awesome emails from my author/clients sharing their good news and success! They are working their marketing plans and presenting the professional image we developed together and they are having great success meeting their goals! I am so proud of them […]

Why Writers Need Photographers

How To Go From Amateur to Professional With a Smile: Some reports say that close to 800 new books are published each day in the United States. About 20% of those books are published by new, self-published authors. That is over 50 thousand newly published authors each year! I’m not sharing that statistic to scare […]

How to Get Writing Ideas

What is Your Muse? I like Henry Miller’s writing plan. I keep thinking about how he was so deliberate about his art–making sure everything he did contributed to his creativity. He made sure he got out into the public every day to read or eat in cafes. He took walks or bicycle rides to new […]