Pixars Rules for Writing

Good movies can give us great formulas for writing. Who doesn’t root for Nemo? …love the rivalry between Woody and Buzz Lightyear? …laugh at Mike and Sully’s crazy antics with Boo? Pixar has some good story tellers who have endeared audiences and profited well from their inspiring, hilarious stories for kids and adults around the […]

Make Your Own Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts: Remember how I said in my blog the other day that you don’t need writing prompts? Well, while a writer does need to let their topic find them, there are times when writing prompts come in handy. They help get your brain moving in a new direction. They help you get through a […]

Journaling Makes You a Better Writer

Why Journaling is Important for Writers You are either a note taker or you’re not. I am. I like the reinforcement of writing something down to help commit it to memory or personality. My notes help me remember things: appointments, tasks, calls. They are written on paper and usually strewn all over my desk. They […]

You Don’t Always Need Writing Prompts

Let Your Subject Find You! Do you ever sit down to write and there is nothing there? Nothing. Not writer’s block or procrastination. Just. Nothing. Even your writing prompts don’t work. That happens to me when I’m trying too hard. When I am writing for the process of writing; when I am doing it out […]