Coaching is Important

Everyone needs coaching–even a coach.

We all need someone to show us how to do things better or more easily.

We can always benefit from the lessons someone else learned on the path we are on.

That’s why I am so excited!


I just signed up to attend a half-day seminar to help me focus my business and overcome mindsets that hold me back at the Client Attraction Mindset Retreat (more info here :: there are a few seats left at the Reston Event [and it’s only $45]  if anyone wants to join me!)

It is so important to invest in yourself and your business (and yes, writing is a business if you plan to publish!).

I try to take a class or seminar or read a book to improve my skills every few months to keep my creativity fed and to keep my business up to date.

You benefit from my activities as well! Sometimes I will learn a trick or technique that helps me help you…or one that directly helps you with your writing or your publishing.

How about you?

What do you do to hone your skills, feed your creativity or learn how to do something better?

(Hopefully you first said, “Why, Alane, I read your blog and always learn so much from you that my brain couldn’t hold any more information!” hehe)

Tell me in the comments below which seminar, writing course, retreat or class that has made the biggest positive difference for you…maybe we can help each other out by sharing ideas!