Do You Test Your Manuscript?

Or...The Invention of the Yippee Party

Sometimes on Goodreads you might find authors looking for “Beta Readers.” These are people who read a second or third draft of a manuscript to look for content or flow issues.

This is a good idea. It is a good way to get a reader’s input about your book. It’s also a good way to gather some reviews and/or endorsements.

It’s a great step in your editing process as well. The more time you take checking for errors in your manuscript, the better your story will get.

I just finished writing coaching with a client, helping her write her first children’s novel–a sweet story about a girl who lives with her grandma and the adventures she has while struggling with losing her father in war.

When we finished putting the book together and went through our first round of editing, she told me about her “Yippee Party.”


She calls it a Yippee Party because she didn’t know how else to convey that her book was almost ready for print.

This is such a fabulous idea!

She invited a group of friends together for a party to celebrate her book. In addition to providing snacks and drinks, she copied the manuscript for each attendee, and put them into groups with highlighters and red pens and asked them to read and mark up the book.

So many great things came out of this event!

Not only did she get some content and flow editing on her book (for the cost of snacks and drinks), she got some great endorsement quotes. She also developed a group of people who know about the book, love the book, and are willing to help my client market the book when it was published.

Is your manuscript almost ready? If so, plan your own Yippee Party! It’s a great way to start making your goal of publishing real.

Your turn: What unique way do you have of marketing your book? Share below!