Get Your Manuscript Ready for Publication

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Publishing 101-Phase 2
[Your Manuscript] Organizing

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Is Your Manuscript Organized?

So you manuscript has been written, edited, proofed, tweaked, and proofed again. You think you are finally ready to get this baby published, right? Well, almost, but not quite. There are still a few things you need to write and gather before you a get your manuscript ready for publishing.

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailHere is a list of all the pieces you need to include with your manuscript in order to publish it:

Title Page which lists the title, subtitle and author. Sometimes this is a black and white printed image of the cover, but sometimes it is unique.

Pertinent information for the copyright page. This includes but is not limited to:

  • A disclaimer if your work is fiction
  • Copyright permissions for any Bible verses or other copyrighted material you use within your manuscript
  • Photo credits for any photo used in or with the book
  • Your ISBN
  • Your contact information
  • Credits for whoever did your editing or design work (interior and/or cover)
  • Your book’s listing categories

A dedication and/or any acknowledgments

A Foreword if you have one

An Introduction or Preface if you want one

Any endorsements or reviews if you’ve collected them

A Table of Contents (especially if you wrote nonfiction; optional with fiction–but necessary in the linked e-book age)

Any References or Footnote material you have included in your book

A list of terms you want to include in an Index if you need one

Any graphs, charts, tables or worksheets you promised in your book for the Appendix

High-quality photos (300 dpi) in a separate file if you’ve included them in your book

A high quality author photo for the back cover or front or back matter

An author bio with information pertinent to your book and/or topic

A bio for any co-authors or illustrators or partners pertinent to your book

A list of your other works and where to get them

Your website and contact information

Your compelling back cover copy to help create interest in your book and to spur book sales

taking stepsAction Step:

This week, write and edit and gather up these items for inclusion in your book. Store them in a file called “Front and Back Matter” because most of these items will appear in either the front of your book, or at the end.
Your Turn: Which of these pieces do you most dread preparing? Why?


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