Get Out of a Rut

How to Boost Your Creativity:

green artWe all do it. We fall into a routine and start automatically going through life with no thought of creativity. I’m the worst victim of that. I get so tied up in my “to do” list that sometimes I forget to be spontaneous or creative. That puts me in a rut; tired of doing the same things but having no way to get myself out of that pit.

Until now. I’ve devised a list of creativity boosters for myself that I want to share with you!

Here are some ways you can get yourself out of a rut and boost your creativity:

  • Write in Different Voices: Challenge yourself to wear different “hats” per se. How would someone in a bowler hat write this paragraph? How about someone in a bonnet? A ski hat? A swimmers cap? A military cap? A baseball hat? A cowboy hat? Pick one or two has and write with that hat’s personality, language, swagger, accent etc. This will challenge your writing and help you create different voices.
  • Do Word Games: Try writing in alliterations. Create metaphors. Make up a pun. Pick a word from the dictionary and write a paragraph about it. Find a word in the thesaurus and use it to describe something. Writing exercises like these with spark your creativity and add more excitement into your writing.
  • Exercise: When you engage in physical or mental activities other than the ones you are used to, you challenge your body to react differently to your surroundings and circumstances. Do you normally walk for your exercise? Try a bike ride or a jog. Don’t exercise at all? Get outside and take a walk. The fresh air is good for you and will help your brain wake up.
  • Exercise your brain as well! Do a crossword or word search. Play Sudoku. Do a brain teaser or word problem. Forcing your mind to think about something challenging will help it break out of its rut (and studies show these kind of exercises may also prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s later in life).
  • Take a Play Break: Allow yourself to play and laugh! Chase your dog, tickle your kids, do a cartwheel, run in the grass barefoot, call a friend and share a laugh. Do the things that make you happy. When you do, you will break out of your rut and learn to enjoy life again.

If you find yourself in a rut, don’t pitch your tent and stay there! Do something to get back on track so you can inspire those around you!