About Your Goals…

Does Being Farsighted Affect your Vision?

It affects mine!

I realized recently that I am overly focused on the end result–selling X number of books, coaching X number of clients, making $X per year…and like most authors or entrepreneurs, I walk around feeling like a failure when my desired result doesn’t come quickly enough.

And then I want to quit because if I haven’t made it big yet, why bother.

So many authors start their journey with big dreams for their book: To be on the NY Times Bestsellers List, to be featured on national media…And then before long they realize that these big dreams, while a good goal, is a long time away.

There are so many things to do between now and then to make that goal a reality.

And what I’ve learned is that if you focus too much on just that end result, you will get pretty disappointed very often in the mean time.

I don’t mean to sound like a downer. I just want to share with you a revelation I’ve had recently that has put a spring back into my step.

See, I have big goals for my business and my writing. And when those big goals don’t happen quickly (because the road to success is more of a squiggly line than it is a straight shot), I get discouraged because I think I’ll never get there.

But this quote changed my perspective:

If we go through life with our happiness and self-worth dependent on outcomes rather than the process, we are setting ourselves up for periods of unavoidable unhappiness. –Chad Daniels BuildtheFire.com

That’s me! By ONLY looking at the goal, I realize I am missing the opportunity to be happy and celebrate today!

It is more about the journey than the destination. The journey is where the action is. Where the… [read more from Word! an awesome eZine from MyPublishingCoach.com and feel free to subscribe to get it in your mailbox three times a month!]

Question: Are you near-sighted, celebrating the process, or are you far-sighted, waiting to celebrate until you meet the goal? What are the benefits to where you are? Comment below–let’s talk!