Have You Given Up?

Quitting on Your Goals?

restIt’s the middle of the year. The gym is no longer crowded because most people who have set the goal to be healthy have stopped working out. All good intentions have gone out the window and life is back to normal. This year’s goals and resolutions will again become next year’s goals and resolutions. And nothing will change.

As a coach I always encourage my author/clients to set goals. I want them to be consistent with both their writing and their book promotion activities. I know from my own experience that unless you deliberately work on these tasks, you will never meet your writing or book sales goals. But like those gym members in February, sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes, because a pattern isn’t developed, the goal is never reached.

Tracking your consistency is a great way to give yourself a visual on how well (or not) you are working toward your goals.

I’m using a new coaching tool with my 1:1 publishing clients that helps us both set goals and measure success. My clients set their goals; either a weekly or daily writing goal, or a weekly number of hours they plan to work on book promotion activities. Then, when they complete the tasks each day or week, they log it in the metrics tool. This tool helps us get a visual about how they are spending their time–and if they are really working on the steps to accomplish their goals.

I also saw a neat app in the App Store called, Don’t Break the Chain. It does a similar thing on a personal level. You set a goal for yourself for writing or running or whatever you are working on. Then each day you accomplish that goal the program puts an X on a calendar. This helps you see where you are consistent and where you are letting other things get in the way.

You don’t really need these tools to form a good habit. If you have the determination and the drive, you can tell yourself you want to accomplish something and then do it. But, if you are like me, life can get busy and the things you want to do get pushed back by the things you have to do. And then a week, a month or and a year go by and you are no further along than when you decided you wanted to get better.

The point is, you need to hold yourself accountable to taking the steps you need to take to reach your goals. You can track your goals by hand on a desk top calendar, or with a cool smartphone app, but unless you pay attention to how you spend your time, you will never change your habits.

Do you want to write a book this year? Then decide how many words you will write each day or week. Then sit down each day or week and make it happen. When you first start, reward yourself after every day you’ve accomplished your task (a piece of chocolate always works for me!). Then, when you have made a consistent pattern for three or four weeks, reward yourself again. Then keep at it. Pretty soon, your reward will be your finished book!

Do you want to sell more books this year? Then decide how many hours you will work on book promotion activities each week. Or decide that you will do one book promotion activity a day. Then reward yourself when you do it. Then build a consistent pattern and reward yourself again. Then keep at it. Pretty soon your reward will be money in the bank from increased book sales.

How do you track the steps you need to take to meet your writing and promotion goals? Share with us below!