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exclamation copyThis week I am launching The Publishing Club! It’s a way for anyone who wants to subscribe to get access to everything I know about how to publish! The club is open and as it grows it will provide more opportunities for you to learn about publishing and network with other writers.

(Disclaimer: I am still working out some bugs…so if you have any issues kindly email me and I will take care of you immediately!)

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There is a whole lot of information out there about publishing. The internet is full of facts and opinions about what to do, how to do it, and how to do it well. There are also many examples of what you should not do!

How do you keep it all straight?

And how do you personalize all the information to your book, your audience, and your personality?

It can be a quite overwhelming.

At least that is what I discovered when I published my first book. Through trial and error I found out what worked, and what didn’t. Then, by relying on my degrees in marketing and journalism, plus a lot of research, I discovered new and better ways to successfully self publish.

Since then I have helped many new authors successfully publish their books while working with them on a one-to-one basis. Together we create a terrific publication, a solid platform and a personalized marketing program that gets their books sold.

And now, I’m expanding my coaching to help anyone who is interested in joining the Publishing Club at learn how to do the same: develop a great book, a strong platform, and a terrific marketing plan that gets books sold.

Publishing 101

The Publishing Club gives you access to everything I know about successfully publishing your book.

First, you will find many articles and templates on publishing that are available to you any time.

Then, you will start receiving information on Publishing 101; blogs, articles and templates that help you walk through and implement the steps of publishing—starting with your desire to publish and ending with your published book in the hands of your readers. This information comes to you in a logical sequence with three new topics each week.

The information starts with you at the beginning and walks you through all the steps I take with my personal clients, helping you develop a great plan that is professional and personalized to your situation.

The consecutive format gives you time to think about, personalize and implement the information and prevents the overwhelm that comes from getting all the information at once through the fire hose of the Internet.

Additionally, each month you will receive extra information to supplement your publishing journey in the form of audios, videos, tele-classes, articles, templates, courses, and a monthly Q/A call with Publishing Coach Alane Pearce.

Although the program builds on itself each month and you pay your Publishing Club membership fee each month—you can cancel at any time and any and all of the work you do through that point is yours to keep.

Publishing 101 Topics:

Throughout your journey with the Publishing Club at, I will coach you on the following topics:

  • The Business of Writing Learn about managing your publishing journey like a business professional with tips on running a business and time management.
  • Your Manuscript The heart of your publishing journey—learn how to get it ready for publication.
  • Developing Your Platform Discover who your fans are, where to find them how to reach them with an authentic message that encourages them to buy your book.
  • Book Production A manuscript only becomes a book when you turn it into one. Find out the best way to turn your manuscript into a printed and/or eBook. Learn about covers, back cover copy and layout tricks that make the process easier.
  • Branding and Marketing Become a quick study on marketing and branding as you develop the pieces of your publicity—and learn what you must do to look like the professional author you are.
  • Distributing Your Book Self publishers have certain challenges in book distribution; learn the best methods to bypass the “self published stigma” and get your book into the hands of your readers.
  • Promoting Your Book A best-selling book gets that way through a great promotion plan that reaches your readers and connects with them in a way that only you can. Learn about the building blocks of a book promotion campaign that starts with your platform and brand and ends with raving fans who can’t get enough of your writing.

 Why The Publishing Club?

Joining the Publishing Club is a great way to make sense of publishing.

The Publishing Club will help you:

  • Achieve a comprehensive understanding of the publishing process
  • Develop a personal publishing plan that considers your reader, your book and your personality
  • Connect and network with publishing professionals and other authors

With your membership in The Publishing Club you will:

  • Get three publishing steps to implement per week so you don’t feel like you have to do it all at once
  • Get coaching from publishing experts
  • Be less overwhelmed and more excited about publishing your work
  • Have all the tools you need to make good decisions about publishing your book

For less than a cup of gourmet coffee each week, you can have access to everything I know—including a monthly Q/A call where you can ask me any publishing questions you have!

Although the program builds on itself each month and you pay your low Publishing Club membership fee each month—you can cancel at any time and any and all of the work you do through that point is yours to keep.

The Publishing Club at…Making Publishing Easier!

Do you wish publishing was easier?

Then Join The Club!