How Can I Distribute my Books?

Question of the Week:

book distributionHow can a self-published author distribute books?

I am happy to tell you that Amazon is not the only place you have to distribute your book. Today’s publisher has many options not only for publishing formats, but also for distribution.

Obviously, you’ll want to list your print book on Amazon. You can also order copies from them or work with a printer to get a batch printed in bulk so you can sell them yourself at speaking events, book signings and from your website. I also teach my clients how to create a professional image and package so it is easier to negotiate agreements with local businesses to carry your book.

You should distribute your eBook as Kindle and Nook. iTunes is always an option, but its harder to get on if you haven’t converted your book via iBooks on a Mac.

Smashwords is a pretty good platform for wide distribution because you upload your book once at they convert it and distribute it to all of the major eBook sellers. I have a bit of a love/hat relationship with Smashwords. For a basic, straightforward eBook layout, Smashwords does a pretty good converting the books and makes it easy to get wide distribution. However, if you have any photos, charts or graphs in your book, you’ll want to look for a different option as the conversions don’t maintain the quality or layout of these elements. Smashwords also has many rules as to what they allow you to reference and elements they don’t allow, so be sure to read the guidelines before you finalize your book.

In short, here are some places you can distribute your books:

Print and Physical Books:

Amazon, Amazon Associates, local book stores, local coffee shops, local gift stores, speaking events, trade shows (where your target reader is–not at writer’s conferences), craft fairs, national bookstores (through a distributor like lightningsource or Anchor Distributors ), your website and even from the trunk of your car!


Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iTunes, Google books, your website, Smashwords, Gumroad, ClickBank, Kobo, Google Play, Distribution Vook, and various book focused social media sites online.

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There really is no holding back success from the author who is creative about book distribution!