How to Promote Your Book on Social Media

(The answer is, you don't!)


Many authors are hesitant to promote their book online because they are afraid that they will come off sounding like a used car salesman. They assume that promoting their book means “yelling” “BUY MY BOOK please?” every time they are online. True, some people do this, but they turn off more readers than they ever connect with.

I always tell my author/clients to follow the rule of IIEC.

I- inspire: Share thoughts, quotes and ideas

I- inform: Share facts and information

E-entertain: Share photos, funnies and stories

C-connect: Talk with those who post on your social media or blogs

Before you ever start whispering any words about your book being for sale, engage with your readers authentically using the IIEC. By giving on the internet, you will gain trust and many followers.

This is why I often encourage my author/clients to begin their social media engagement before we even begin production of their books. It gives the authors time to engage and connect with potential fans. It also allows the authors to talk about other things with their growing audience before the book is even available.

So if you are a little hesitant to promote your book online, don’t event start doing it!

First, make friends on the internet. Be authentic, share information and entertain your new followers. Then, and only then, can you start talking about your book–but never more than 10% of the time you are online.

Don’t be a used car salesman. Give and engage on the internet!

What is your favorite social media platform? Share in the comments below!