How to Publish

The most common question I get from writers is: How do I publish my book?

I’ve been putting together a step-by-step action plan to help you understand how to publish your book. But the more I blog the more lost those posts are becoming, so here is a recap of Phase 1: The Business of Writing where you can easily find and follow the links to the steps you need to take to publish your book.

Phase 1 The Business of Writing and Publishing

Overview: The Business of Writing  

  1. Setting up your Business  
  2. Keeping Good Records  
  3. Setting Goals
  4. Managing Your Time
  5. Gathering Your Resources 
  6. Setting Your Budget
  7. Project and Time Management 
  8. Coach’s Note: Believe in Yourself 

Each Thursday I’m publishing a new step for you to follow so you can have a week to implement the action steps. In the coming weeks I will be working through each phase of publishing that I take my personal clients through. And very soon, you will have easy access to everything you need to know about how to publish your book!

Coming next:

Phase 2 Your Manuscript

Phase 3 Your Publishing Route

Phase 4 Creating the Book(s)

Phase 5 Distribution

Phase 6 Marketing

Your turn! Comment below about your biggest question/challenge regarding publishing!