How To Publish

How to Publish Your Book

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Introducing Publishing 101! Everything you want to know about how to publish your book, in easy steps.

It is the question every writer eventually asks: “How do I publish this manuscript?” Your answer is here!

This is a condensed version of how I coach my private clients to publish their books and/or eBooks.

I found, when I was first publishing my own book, that there was a lot of information out there about publishing, but no real “Do this, then do that” kind of plan.

I think it’s about time that such a plan is out there for you!

This is still a work in progress since I am publishing a new post (with action steps for you) each Thursday.

Why Thursday? Well, most of my clients have full-time lives and find they need to work on their writing on the weekends. By publishing a new step each Thursday, you have enough time to gather any resources before you work through the action steps over the weekend.

Soon, this program will also be available as an eBook with more information, and as a home-study program filled with templates and worksheets to make the process easier for you. And of course, if you are interested in getting some help with your journey (in the form of coaching and/or help getting your book from manuscript into book format), I am accepting two new clients each month. If you want to get in on personal coaching, grab a spot on my calendar for a quick (free) call to get your questions answered and set up a personalized program for you. Here’s the link.

To help get you started, here is a free downloadable graphic: Steps to A Published Book STEPS TO PUBLISHING

Are you ready?

Here are the links you need to follow my step-by-step plan to publish your book

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Phase 1 The Business of Writing and Publishing

Overview: The Business of Writing  

  1. Setting up your Business  
  2. Keeping Good Records  
  3. Setting Goals
  4. Managing Your Time
  5. Gathering Your Resources 
  6. Setting Your Budget
  7. Project and Time Management 
  8. Coach’s Note: Believe in Yourself 


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 Phase 2 Your Manuscript


  1.  Know Your Target Reader
  2.  Is your Book Long Enough? 
  3.  Does it Make Sense?
  4. Does it Have Graphics?
  5.  Is it Edited?
  6.  Is it organized?
  7.  Getting it Ready for Your Publishing Process
  8. Coach’s Note: Running Through the Neighborhood Naked


Coming Next:

Phase 3 Your Publishing Route

Phase 4 Creating the Book(s)

Phase 5 Distribution

Phase 6 Marketing


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