I’m a Quitter! (And So Are You)

I’m a Quitter. Yep. I said it. I’m a quitter.

But so are you!


Don’t feel bad, this happens to almost everyone–usually just before you are about to succeed. I see it all the time.

I find that right before you are about to make a breakthrough to success, the old patterns of mediocrity grab on tighter because they don’t want to relinquish their control over you. Why? Because if you actually succeed, you might change your ways. (Click to Tweet)

You might quit wasting time on the internet. You might quit sleeping in. You might even have to stop having a starving artist mentality and do something to promote your book.

Every few months, the same person contacts me and asks about writing or publishing. She asks if I will read her book when she finishes it, or she asks what she should do to become a published author.

I used to get excited when she contacted me because I love helping new writers realize their dream of a published book. But she doesn’t actually want to publish. She just wants to talk about writing and publishing. How do I know? Because she keeps quitting before she is even started.

Mediocrity doesn’t like change. Mediocrity likes comfort. And ease. It doesn’t like hard work and success, so it urges you to quit so you don’t have to change.

I told you I was a quitter. But I don’t quit on my goals any more. Instead I have quit wasting time and sleeping in. I’ve quit putting off my success, and boy does that feel good!

You’re a quitter too.

The only question is, are you quitting on your dreams and goals? Or are you quitting the habits that thwart you?

What’s your story? What bad habits will you quit this week so you can meet your goals? Comment below so we can encourage each other to be quitters!


photo credit: Clare Blomfield FreeDigitalPhotos.net