I’m Socially Confused

Socially Confused…………….

question markDear Awesome Publishing Coach,

Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Youtube, Shelfari…there are so many social media outlets!!! How do I know which is the best?

Socially Confused

Dear Socially Confused,

I don’t blame you, dear one, for being overwhelmed. While social media is a very important part of building your platform and gaining readers, too much of a good thing can be, well, not good.

No one has the time to be present and active on every social media outlet–and it is even worse to be present but not active on a social media outlet. Your best option is to find one or two social media platforms that you can become actively involved with–and then add Goodreads and Google+ to the mix. I’ll explain in a bit.

Here’s what I recommend to my clients.

  1. Determine who your ideal reader is. When you know your ideal reader, you will know where they are most likely to hang out online.
  2. Determine who uses each social media outlet. For example, if your reader is a business person, they will use LinkedIn as their primary social media venue. If they are a mom, they will be onPinterest and/or Facebook. If they are young they will be on Twitter. (You can always search “Who uses [this social media]” and you will get some great information.)
  3. Set up a profile on the platform where you will find most of your ideal readers and start interacting.

Next, add Goodreads to your mix. Goodreads is where die-hard book enthusiasts hang out and recommend books. And Goodreads has been developing amazing tools for authors to promote books as well. They are quickly becoming a favorite place for independent authors.

And finally, think about adding Google+ to your mix. Why? My favorite thing about Google+ is the hangouts. Hangouts allow you to interact with your readers by doing a reading or a q/a session with them…or even by hosting an author-led book club. The possibilities are endless. And I know for sure that whenever you can hang out with your readers its good for both you and them!

And so, Socially Confused, it can be overwhelming. But if you consider your reader, you can narrow down your choices and have more valuable interactions with people who would really benefit from your book.