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Take a Week Off Before Proofreading!

editingHas your manuscript been through a proofreading process?

Typos seem to be viral these days. We are in such a rush to get things “out there” that we are skipping a major step in the writing/publishing process: Proofreading.

Proofreading is more than running your manuscript through spell check, although that is a good first step. But you still need to give your brain some time off from the manuscript (at least a week), and do a full re-read before you publish your book.

Why take a week off? Simple: you have been working on your manuscript so long that you know what it is supposed to say and what you mean…so when your intent is fresh in your mind and you re-read or proof your manuscript, you will not always see your typos or errors.

When you give your brain a break from the story, you will read it with fresh eyes and therefore do a better job proofreading it.

I know! You are tired of your manuscript and you just want to get it finished!

I understand. Really, I do!

And that is why I can share this information with you. Don’t skip the proofing step! You will have more errors than you should in your finished book if you do.

There are some tools to help you get your manuscript as perfect as possible. You might want to look into one or all of these:

Use Online Editing Tools:

I often recommend that my clients send their manuscripts through an online editing tool like or (I am not an affiliate of these sites) because they are free or inexpensive and they provide a thorough analysis of your manuscript.

Read it Aloud:

I like to set my Mac to “read” mode and have Alex read my manuscript to me while I follow along. That way I can check the language and the flow of the story while I read along for grammar and spelling. It works for me.

Hire Help:

You can go to and find a proofreader to read your story for you. Remember (via a previous post) don’t just rely on your family and friends to proofread for you–they will miss or overlook things. Hiring a professional makes you look like a professional.

taking steps

Action Step:

If your manuscript hasn’t rested for a week, let it rest this week. Go watch some good movies, take a walk, think about your marketing, read some good books, plan your next book….Then next week send the manuscript through one or many of my suggestions above and you will be nearly ready to publish your book!

Your Turn! What is the craziest typo you’ve seen in published work? Comment below and share some laughs!

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