Indie Publishing Looks Great for 2014

Publishers Weekly Confirms a Great Outlook for 2014

I saw a great article from Publishers Weekly come through this week. It talked about the state of publishing for the coming year and echoed many of the things I’ve been saying about how indie authors need to work and think to make an impact in 2014. (It’s always nice to be validated, isn’t it?!)

The article talked about how 2014 will begin the “maturing” phase of indie publishing. Sure more authors are emerging onto the scene, but these are authors who want to write as more than a hobby and who know that to do well they have to be much more entrepreneurial.

In the article, Beat Barblan, director of identifier services for Bowker, says, “People are more aware now that they have to market their work, and work with an editor, convert the e-book to the right formats, and this has been an ‘aha moment’ for a lot of authors—it’s not, ‘I’m handing over my document and I’m done.”

Publisher’s Weekly expects to see authors understanding that indie publishing is still a team sport that requires the author partnering with editors, designers and other professionals who can help them look more professional and be more successful.

“People are now sitting down and saying to themselves, ‘Let me set aside x amount of dollars to hire a publicist or get a good cover designer—what can I do on my own and where can I use the help?’ ” says Diane Mancher. “They might say, ‘I have a good handle on social media, but I could use help with someone writing a press release for me.’ ” (from the article)

This is why many of my author/clients work with me. Not only do I know what steps the author needs to take to publish their work, but my team and I can also provide the design, marketing and editing services to fill in where the author isn’t as comfortable doing it themselves.

It is a very awesome time for authors who want to publish…and whether you want to pursue traditional (publishing house) publishing, indie publishing or a hybrid of both (read more about that in the article), you have more tools and resources available to you than ever before.

Including a Publishing Coach who can put all the pieces in order for you!

Read the full article here.


What about you?

What do you know you can do yourself? What things do you need the most help with in your publishing journey? Comment below and let’s start a conversation!