Is Your Blog Working?

Three Ways to Boost Your Blog’s Effectiveness

blogI’m sharing some information on blogging with my Richmond, Virginia clients and friends when I visit them this weekend, so I thought I’d also share some ideas with you on ways to boost your blog’s effectiveness. If you share ideas with me here or on Facebook( tricks that help your blog reach your readers better, I’ll send you the information I’m giving to my Richmond Peeps this weekend!

1. Make your blog your Home Base. Your blog is like your storefront on Main Street USA. It needs to be the place where your readers go to get more information on the things you share via social media and where they know they can get information about you and your books. Make sure your blog (and/or website) is set up to give your readers the information they need. Your blog needs to have at a minimum:

  • An About page with information about you and a photo
  • Book Info page where your readers can read about your published books
  • Media page where you have a press kit, your Bio Sheet, a photo, your Book Sheet, and high quality .jpgs of your book covers which makes it easy for the media and other bloggers to talk about you
  • Calendar highlighting your upcoming events

2. Make your blog easy to use. Your links to Amazon, Smashwords and your social media sites should be easy to find and click. Your RSS feed button should be prominent so people can subscribe to you. Your blog content should be updated regularly–at least two times a week–so your readers know they will find new info every time they visit.

3. Use Visuals! Pictures and videos are key to keeping your readers engaged and entertained. If your blogs are overwhelmed by words alone, your followers will not read. Videos are a great way to become real to your followers. They do not even have to be professionally produced to be effective; they just need to show your readers who you are. Remember that your content always needs to inform, entertain, educate and inspire before it can ever “sell” your books.

To get ideas to improve your blog, look at some popular author websites and blogs online and ask yourself: What do you like about them? What do you dislike? What can you implement to improve your own site?