Love Writing

Fall in Love with Writing to Succeed

loveWhen you make the decision to write a book, or publish your book, it’s a big decision. It’s a life-changing decision. And you’d better LOVE what you are doing or you will hate it!


Yep. If you don’t really love the process, you will hate doing what you have to do every day to meet your goals. And if you hate it, you won’t do it.

However, if you love, love, love what you are doing…if you have a powerful purpose for writing your book and a strong desire, a burning passion, to get that book into the hands of your readers, then you are on the right path. It’s that love for what you do and passion for your story that will keep you working and persevering to meet your goal of selling your book

So how do you get there?

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How do you develop that powerful passion that keeps you working hard, persevering through the obstacles and finally succeeding?

First, have a purpose behind what you are doing.

Your writing needs to be linked to a bigger purpose than “just something I’m doing.” Linking your writing to your personal mission statement or your purpose for being on this planet helps you become passionate about it.

When your goals and your writing flow out of your purpose, you will become more passionate about it.

Second, believe in what you are doing.

Sometimes a writer writes as a creative outlet, and then a friend reads the story and says, “You should totally get this published!” So the writer decides to publish. That is external motivation. External motivation only works in the short-term.

Long-term motivation comes from the heart. You won’t stick with the process unless you believe, deep within you, that your book needs to be read–not because a friend said it should be published but because you know, beyond a doubt, that your story will make a difference in the lives of your readers. When you really believe in what you are doing you will love the work that comes with writing and publishing your book.

Finally, believe in yourself.

Creatives are very sensitive people. We are also very self-critical. We walk into a bookstore or look on and become very overwhelmed thinking, “What do I have to offer that hasn’t already been said?” This is very real. But it is also wrong.

You have to believe that what you are doing is important.

You’ve been called to share this story!

And although there is truly nothing new under the sun, you and only you have this experience, this story, filtered through your unique experiences.

And you were meant to do this!

So today I challenge you: Fall In Love!

Love your writing, love the process, love the work.

And that love will be rewarded!