Make Your Own Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts:

writingRemember how I said in my blog the other day that you don’t need writing prompts?

Well, while a writer does need to let their topic find them, there are times when writing prompts come in handy.

They help get your brain moving in a new direction.

They help you get through a creativity slump.

They help you get writing again.

So, where do you find your writing prompts? Do you spend hours searching on the Internet? Do you get lost in the interwebs? Do you then veer towards Facebook and Pinterest and spend hours following rabbit trails and wonder where your writing time went?

That has happened to me!

Instead of relying on the Internet to provide you with your writing content or writing prompts, you can create your own! When you do, you will save time, be more productive and make your writing more focussed toward your own writing goals.

Here are two ways you can create your own writing prompts:

  1. Thumb through a dictionary or thesaurus (remember those?) and randomly choose a word to write a paragraph about.
  2. Close your eyes and type one letter on the keyboard (or let your cat or dog do it for you). Then think of as many words as you can that begin with that letter.
  3. On a day when you have time and creativity in abundance, make a list of character qualities. Then cut up that list and put the pieces in an envelope. 

Later, when you need a writing prompt, pick out a character quality and describe it. For example, if I picked Green Eyes, I would free write thinking of every kind of description I could for green eyes. The benefit of this is that you could choose qualities of characters you are writing so this exercise could benefit your novel!

You could use the same method for scenes, dialogue, or anything you are writing!

Can you think of any other ideas to create writing prompts for when you need them?

Share below and help another writer out!