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Publishing 101-Phase 2
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Okay, we are ready to move on from the business side of writing to actually getting some work done towards your published book. This section of Publishing 101 will focus on your manuscript–because after all if you don’t have a manuscript you don’t have a book.

Coach’s Note: This section is about your manuscript, but it IS NOT about your writing. At this point I’m assuming that your manuscript is written and you are wondering what to do with it next. I’m also certain that you have nailed down your genre and thought about who your target reader might be. (We will go into the target reader in more detail in the marketing section of this blog series.) If you need help writing your manuscript, I will be addressing that with some writing coaching later in the year.

Now here is the hard news–and I’m just going to be blunt about it: the fact that your manuscript is written (and your family and friends love it) does NOT mean that it is ready to publish. There are some important things you need to do and consider before you send your manuscript to an agent (or better, to a coach or someone who can help you get it published).

In the next few weeks we will talk about:

  • How to tell if your manuscript is long enough
  • How to make your title pop for your target reader
  • Making sure your story flows
  • Ways to make sure your story is edited and 99% error free
  • Making sure your photos, graphics and illustrations are up to par
  • Getting your manuscript ready for layout, design or an agent
  • Making sure your manuscript is organized before you sent it off

So buckle down, review your manuscript one more time, and get ready to make it perfect and easy to put into book format!

Action Step:

This week, reread your manuscript. Make sure your story flows well and everything in it makes sense. It’s a big job. Take your time.

Now do me one more favor. PLEASE, please, please make sure there is only one space between your sentences! If you are a hyper spacer, do a search/replace edit on your manuscript. Under find place your cursor in the box and press the space bar twice. Then go to replace, put your cursor in the box and press the space bar once. Then click replace all.

And then vow to never type two spaces in a row for anything. Ever again!

Your turn: Is your manuscript ready to be published? Share about it below!

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