How Can I Promote My Book?

Question of the Week:

What is the Best Way to Promote My Book?

book promotionIt’s always good to take a look at what works and what doesn’t when you are trying to get the word out about your book. When you look at what is effective and what isn’t, you save both money and time and you have more success to celebrate!

After three years of teaching authors how to promote their books, I’ve narrowed down my list to the top three things you MUST include in your marketing plan to successfully sell more books. I also have a few additional tips you should try.

The best ways to promote your book, according to the successes of both me and my author/clients are as follows:

  1. Book launch party with your friends and their friends. This is important. Have a launch party where you invite everyone you know who will support your endeavor, and then ask them to bring a friend. (This way you get out of your own circle and start meeting new people right away). Your friends may buy your book because they are your friends. Their friends will buy your book because they are interested. You need to invite 50-100 people that you personally know to this event, and if you do, you will have a good launch party. My authors and I sell an average of 175 books this way during our launch month.
  2. Relationships with other bloggers. (Note I said bloggers, not necessarily other authors.) Form relationships with bloggers who have a similar following as you do. Through this relationship you can guest blog on their site, have them guest blog on your site, and they can also give you a book review or promotion and you can do the same for them. This way, you both offer value to your followers and as you promote one another, you will each get more fans from one another. Whenever I do this with my colleagues, my book sales and website stats go through the roof!
  3. Speaking events. Whenever you can speak to a crowd as an authority on your topic, you will sell more books. This can be as a guest speaker (paid or unpaid) in any kind of venue. Make sure when you broker this deal that you can have a table in the back with your books for sale.

 Here are some other things you should also add to your promotion plan:

  • Employ the author tools on Goodreads (including free giveaways, book clubs author chats, etc.)
  • Utilize Google+ by arranging a hangout with you and your fans. You can do a reading, offer a class, do a giveaway or a simple Q and A. Your fans might eat this up!
  • Use YouTube to share videos of your writer’s life. YouTube is the second most-used search engine after Google. And since Google owns it now, it can only help you to have a presence there.


Which promotion tools have you used that have brought you success or failure?

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