Promotion Coaching

Work with Alane to sell your book

Book promotion is the Achilles’ heel of the author.


Where do you start?

What do you do?

How do you talk about your book without coming off as pushy?

Now you can get specialized help to employ all of the book promotion tools that have worked the best for my author/clients over the years. This is the most specialized coaching because we take into account your book, your audience, your goals, and your personality.

Learn how to promote your book with things like:

  • creating a usable promotion plan
  • using online promotion tools in the most effective manner
  • mobilizing a specialty team to help you spread the word
  • finding new ways to reach your ideal reader
  • promoting yourself to bloggers, podcasters, and/or local media
  • finding and leveraging speaking engagements
  • kicking off a book launch with special events
  • and so much more

We will meet by Skype or FaceTime every other week and discuss what you want to do to promote your book and how to accomplish each step. You will get a very personalized plan and learn how to successfully promote your book to your target reader.

Coaching plans are $299/month and focus on:

  • strategies for online promotion only (a three-month plan)
  • strategies for both online and community promotion plus a book launch party (a 6 month plan)

For more information about this package, please fill out the form below to secure your Promotion Strategy and Focus Call at no charge.

Please complete the following form and I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your complimentary focus call.

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