Publishing Outlook for 2014

How to Rise Above the Publishing Noise in 2014

balloonPublishing has changed a lot in the last few years. More people are doing it, and sadly fewer are highly successful.

The book market is flooded with mediocre, poorly-made books filled with typos and poor writing. And sadly, it will probably get worse before it gets better.

But don’t despair! These are the growing pains of a new market.

Soon those who produce bad books will be weaned (or shunned) and we who strive to produce high-quality, well-written books will win out.

So how do you come out on top in 2014?

Know your Market:

When you know who will read your book, you know how to speak to them and where to reach them with your marketing. Some authors make the mistake of thinking “anyone” would like their book–but not everyone will. There is a specific kind of person of a specific gender, age, background, experience and education who will get the most benefit from your book. Nail this one concept down and you will actually reach more people who will buy your book, and you will be more successful as a self-published author.

Forget Facebook [but not social media]:

For a long time, Facebook was the place to be to easily reach and network with your readers for free. This is no longer true. Facebook has changed the way they do business with business and now they want you to pay for your reach. There are better places to be online in my opinion. First, start with great content on your blog. You can never go wrong there. Next, network with readers (not other writers) online and in person. Join a local networking group, learn how to use Twitter and Pinterest. Engage with readers on Goodreads. Host a live chat with the author hangout on Google+. Success in 2014 will come to those who are creative, outgoing and share excellent content with their fans online and in person.

Use the Video Button on your Phone:

The internet is evolving the same way as most entertainment has. It started with words, moved to pictures and now, if you don’t use video you get passed by. People have short attention spans and little spare time. A fast video will engage your audience better than a three-page white paper. So get over yourself (no one likes how they look and sound on video), and start making some short videos so you become more real to your fans.

Schedule It:

The old adage is true; we make time for what is important to us. So if publishing your book is important to you, set aside time every day to work on the writing, publishing and promotion process. It doesn’t have to be hours every day–even 20 minutes of dedicated time can make a huge impact. If you’ll do it.

Make it Look Professional:

The bane of the self publisher’s existence is typos and poorly designed book covers. If you are going to take the time to publish your book, and try to be seen in 2014, make it look as good as you can. Avoid typos. Create a great cover. Make it look like you are a pro! This alone will go far in helping you rise above the noise of self published books.

Be Your Own Best Champion:

No one will care about your book as much as you do. And no one will become excited about your book unless you share about it excitedly. The success of your book is directly related to the amount of time you spend sharing about it with others. Admittedly this is hard for an author to do, but you can’t just put a book out there and hope it will sell. Once you learn how to position your book and feel comfortable with the things you say about your book, you will sell more books.

Be Authentic:

Stay true to your cause. Follow the path you are on. Share who you are and what you believe in. Don’t try to be like everyone else–instead tell your story, share your sorrows and joys. Be real. When you are authentic, people will know that they can trust you. And when they trust you, you can create a fan–and a friend–for life.

Another way to succeed in 2014 is to get a team of people in your corner to help you, root for you and assist you in producing a great product. That would be how MyPublishingCoach can help you make publishing easier by helping you create, produce, and promote your book!

If you’d like more information about how we could work for your success in 2014, please schedule a free call with me here so we can talk about your ideas and if I can help you turn your dream of publishing into a reality!

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