Why Self Publishing is Awesome

On Saturday, for you PubClubbers

…we talked about why self publishing is challenging. There are sometimes things about the process that can be frustrating, confusing or expensive. Especially without help!

But those challenges aside, self-publishing is actually awesome!

awesomeHere’s why:
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Self publishing allows you to:

  • Maintain creative control of your work
  • Keep a larger percentage of your royalties and profits
  • Make your publishing dreams come true

There is a potential for a good career when you self publish your book.

Some self publishers:

  • Get movie deals
  • Get publishing deals
  • Discover that people love them
  • Discover their perfect niche
  • Make thousands of dollars each month selling books

Those are the self publishers who:

  • Embrace the challenges
  • Work hard
  • Promote their books effectively
  • Authentically create a large tribe of fans and followers
  • Take publishing seriously

Most self publishers, by themselves, will sell between 100 and 250 books. Those who have help from a coach or other professionals will sell much more than that! Many professional self-publishers have reported making over $60k/year on their book sales!

Self publishing puts the process–and the profits–directly into your hands, allowing you to achieve all the success you want (commiserate with the work you put in, of course!)
Why do you love the thought of publishing yourself?

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