Why Self Publishing is Hard

Some people shy away from self publishing…

…because they think it will be hard.

frustratedI won’t lie to you, it can be hard…if you do it yourself.

There is such a huge learning curve for most writers who set out to publish, and there are so many pieces to the puzzle, that it can become very overwhelming.

Self publishing is hard because, to do it right:

  1. You have to learn how to run a business. It makes sense to start a business if you are publishing a book. It protects you and it has the potential to allow you to write off some of your publishing expenses.
  2. You have to become a Project Manager. There are many pieces to publishing a book, so you have to learn how to think like a project manager…some things have to happen in a sequence, and other things are dependent upon a chronological method of accomplishment. There are also people to manage (if you are doing this yourself) because most authors will need to hire help for layout and cover design at the very least.
  3. You have to have a bankroll. Self publishing can be expensive. Sure, some people will tell you that you can put a book together for $200, and you probably can. But it will look like you only spent $200 on it. To make your book look good you will have to hire people to help you (or a coach who has access to those people-wink, wink). At the very least you need a proofreader, someone to help you with a book cover (unless you know about graphic design), and someone to help you with the interior layout (unless you can do it yourself). If you want to order books to sell, those will also cost you upfront. Most authors will spend between $2000 and $8000 to produce their book.
  4. You have to learn how to be an excellent marketer. Marketing and promotion does not come easy for a creative person. It can be challenging to find a way to reach your readers and authentically connect with them. And even more challenging to talk about your book without feeling like you are standing on a street corner begging people, “Please buy my book!”

Thankfully, you’ve connected with me. And after many years of helping writers get their books in print and into the hands of their readers, I can take over some of the above challenges, and expertly walk you through the others. If you are interested in learning if I can help you, I invite you to schedule a free call with me so we can discuss your project and see if I can help!

So this list is in no way comprehensive.

There are many reasons publishing your own book can be challenging. What are some of the challenges you’ve had?

Share them below and I will give you some free coaching in my response.

Sound good?

photo credit: artur84 @ freedigitalphotos.net