Self Publishing Success Story!

Success Story!

P.D. Hall with Asael and The Grand Orange Effect

Patty Hall is a children’s author who has produced a beautiful book that is sure to be an heirloom piece on the bookshelves of families for many years to come! Her attention to detail and her mission point the way to her success as an author.

Asael BookPatty published Asael and The Grand Orange Effect this month. It is available exclusively on her website, I interviewed Patty when we finished her project and here is her success story for you:

Patty, what kind of problems were impacting your goal of becoming a published author?

  • I knew I couldn’t do a children’s book without pictures and needed to find an illustrator.
  • I am a list person/organized but the process is so huge. I was overwhelmed.

How did coaching help you overcome these challenges?

  • The encouragement helped me push past fears.
  • The coaching held me accountable with tasks.
  • The information answered questions when I was totally confused.

How did you decide to get coaching?

Once I saw the help that was available from you, it was a no-brainer!

What was your favorite aspect of coaching?

The encouragement I received during our weekly calls and through email.

What results did you get?

  •  I have sold nearly 100 books in my first three weeks!
    (Coach’s Note: Patty is not on Amazon, but instead she is selling directly through her website and promotional events.)
  • I have faced a lot of fears. I have many great friends in the business. I am excited to be doing something I love and was made to do!

List some of the “aha!” moments you had during the coaching process:

  • I will get out of the coaching, what I put into it.
  • I need to make it a top priority.
  • I can do things that I didn’t think I could just by trying.
  • If I get stuck, I can ask for help.  (I know that sounds remedial but I spent many years giving up too easily and not asking for help.)

Would you recommend publishing coaching to your friends or colleagues?

Yes, but you specifically, if they want to self-publish. I would just caution them to make sure they have the time so they can make full use of you. You gave out so much good information and when you did not know something, you researched it for me. And the encouragement. Sometimes I felt like you were my therapist and that seemed silly. But then I realized that in every pursuit, one can have doubts (or demons) about issues. Also, as you add specialists to your service (like your partnerships with designers, proofreaders, etc.), it can only get better.

What advice would you give an aspiring author?

Fulfilling your dreams is as much about believing that you can do it as it is about being capable of doing it! Just because one person does not like your work, doesn’t mean it is not good work–they may just not be the right audience. If I can be be “self-taught” in this business you can too. It’s all out there. You just have to look for it! (Finding Alane as their publishing coach is is best part of what they will find!)

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