Setting Publishing Goals

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Publishing 101 Step 3: Setting Goals

I know…you hear this all the time. Set goals!

Make them SMART!

If you don’t set goals, how will you know when you’ve reached them?

I’m going to sing the same tune.

If you really want to be successful publishing (and selling) your book, you need to make some kind of road map for getting there.

However, I’m NOT going to tell you how to set goals. There are many blogs and goal gurus who can help you if you need it.

I AM going to share with you some of the goals you might want to set.

First: What do you want to do with your book?

Do you want the whole world to read it? Do you want to sell it in person or only online? Do you want your book to be available in print and as an eBook? Or only one or the other?

Second: What kind of time do you have?

Your success as a published author is directly related to the amount of time (and secondarily money) that you are willing to put forth in creating, distributing and marketing your book. Be honest with yourself: how much time can you put towards this effort each day? Each week?

Third: Publishing yourself takes a financial investment on your part.

How much money do you have to make this dream come true? (We will talk about specific numbers later…just look at what you have available right now.) Are there things in your life (like gourmet coffee, dinners out or cable bills) that you can do without to make the money available for your goals?

If you can get a handle on the three issues above, you will be well on your way to defining a path for your self publishing success.

To help you even further, please download this free worksheet for setting your publishing goals!

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Downloadable: Setting Goals


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