Your Step by Step Plan for Self Publishing!

So, you’re thinking about publishing?

You’ve come to the right place!

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This is Publishing 101–everything you need to know about self publishing in clear, concise, consecutive steps to get you started and on your way to becoming a professional, published author.

Some of the information may not feel like it applies to you as you start out, but hang in there. If you know these things or have already done them, then you are a step ahead. Besides, it never hurts to go back to the beginning to make sure you’ve set everything up right.

The Publishing 101 Action Steps will give you easy-to-follow action steps on the following topics:

  • The Business of Writing Learn about managing your publishing journey like a business professional with tips on running a business and time management.
  • Your Manuscript The heart of your publishing journey—learn how to get it ready for publication.
  • Developing Your Platform Discover who your fans are, where to find them how to reach them with an authentic message that encourages them to buy your book.
  • Book Production A manuscript only becomes a book when you turn it into one. Find out the best way to turn your manuscript into a printed and/or eBook. Learn about covers, back cover copy and layout tricks that make the process easier.
  • Branding and Marketing Become a quick study on marketing and branding as you develop the pieces of your publicity—and learn what you must do to look like the professional author you are.
  • Distributing Your Book Self publishers have certain challenges in book distribution; learn the best methods to bypass the “self published stigma” and get your book into the hands of your readers.
  • Promoting Your Book A best-selling book gets that way through a great promotion plan that reaches your readers and connects with them in a way that only you can. Learn about the building blocks of a book promotion campaign that starts with your platform and brand and ends with raving fans who can’t get enough of your writing.

Each Thursday you will find a new post with information and action steps for you to take that week.

It may seem like the steps you take one week are easy, or they might not even make sense to you, but there is only one thing I request: give the process time to work!

I use this process to help my personal coaching clients achieve significant success…and by breaking this whole process, which is a jigsaw puzzle of activities, into smaller, easy-to-follow steps, you will easily learn what you need to do to publish your book.

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

First Assignment:

Answer this question in the comments below…What is your biggest question or frustration when it comes to self publishing?

(Coming next week! Step One–The Business of Writing: learn what you need to do to protect yourself, your assets and your work!)

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