Success Story

exclamation2I got a call this morning from Geoff Burden, my author/client who published his book, Answer the Call, in April.

He needs to order more books from my printer because he has only 30 books left from his 300 copy order.

This means he has sold over 300 print books (including those from Amazon) in less than four months! This doesn’t even include the eBooks.

While admittedly, this isn’t a New York Times best seller, Geoff is on track to have higher sales than 85% of self-published authors.


So how did he do it?


  1. He had a very successful book signing event
  2. He attends trade shows where his ideal reader likes to hang out
  3. He speaks to groups and offers his book for sale in the back of the room
  4. He has a lot of repeat customers who buy his book as gifts for others

Most important, Geoff doesn’t feel like he is just “selling” his book. He looks at the process as a way to engage with people and share his message. His book sales are just an extension of his conversation with his ideal readers.

Way to go! If he keeps up this pace, he will reach the 1,000 book sales mark within a year of publishing!

I’m so proud of my author/clients! When they work hard and apply the concepts I teach them in their coaching, they do really well with their book sales!

Most self-published authors will only sell about 100 books because they don’t know how to market or promote them. My clients always sell more.