Summertime Management for Writing Goals

How to Stay on Top of Your Writing Goals:

summerHere we are in the midst of summer! Are you staying on track with your writing goals?

We are juggling vacations, company, day trips, play at the pool, BBQs with friends and neighbors. There is so much going on that I’m not following my regular writing and business schedule.

My son is excited because he is out of school, but I have less time to work on my writing and my business. The fact is, for a writer or anyone with a home business, summertime can be a killer on business and writing schedules.

So how do you keep on track during the dog days of summer?

By planning ahead!

Here are a few things that will keep you on track with your writing goals so you don’t have to start over when fall arrives.

  • Use Technology.
     don’t know why it took me a year to figure this out, but my blogging platform allows me to write a post any time I want and then schedule it for distribution on a certain day. Wow! If I write a blog or two every day for the next two weeks, I can post and schedule the rest of my summer blogs and not worry about keeping those up during summer vacations or busy days!


  • Be Creative.
    Sometimes you just have to be creative with your time. Can you get up an hour earlier to pay attention to your business before the kids need breakfast or entertainment? Can you bring a notebook to the pool to write down themes, settings, outlines or descriptions for your book (or blogs)? Can you use activities to take pictures, notice people or create scene/character descriptions? Take advantage of the time you have and use it to further your writing!


  • Read!
    What better time do you have than to read about the latest trends or about improving your writing than while you are relaxing at the beach or poolside?!


  • Develop Systems and Schedules.
    While life is “laid back but hectic” during the summer months, take some time to develop some systems and schedules. For example, decide what are the three most important things you need to accomplish for your writing/business each day and make those a priority. Or, develop a system for writing, blogging or interacting with your readers. Use your calendar to prioritize your time or create a posting/blogging/reader interaction schedule that you can maintain.

It is said that we all make time for what is important to us. So I guess that begs the question: Are Your Writing Goals Important to You?

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