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I know you are a writer, so thinking of blog posts for your author blog should be a no-brainer, right? Except it isn’t. Sometimes you just run out of ideas. Sometimes your creativity acts like it didn’t drink its coffee for the day. Sometimes you just want some help brainstorming some blog topics or titles. […]

Blogging for Authors

When you first start blogging, it takes a while to get followers. But it won’t take as long to build your author blog if you start creating online relationships before you launch your blog. Top Tip #3 [DAP] Participate Before You Proliferate In order for your blog to gain followers, those followers first have to […]

Blogging 101 For Authors

 Why an Author’s Blog Matters Blogging should come naturally for an author…You know about voice, perspective and you know how to engage your readers. Your blog is your chance to do that for your readers as you give them some insight to your life as an author. The most important thing to remember about blogging […]

Blogging 101

Three Big Benefits of Blogging I know how focused an author can be; when you are deep into writing a story it is hard to force yourself to come up for air…to rejoin the world outside of your story. Connecting the world (specifically your readers) is just what you should be doing–now, before your book […]