Do You Test Your Manuscript?

Or...The Invention of the Yippee Party

Sometimes on Goodreads you might find authors looking for “Beta Readers.” These are people who read a second or third draft of a manuscript to look for content or flow issues. This is a good idea. It is a good way to get a reader’s input about your book. It’s also a good way to […]

Why Your Book Proposal is Important

Writing a book proposal is important, no matter how you are publishing! Now, because I can read your mind, I know your next question: But I’m self publishing! Why do I need to spend my time writing a book proposal? Here’s your answer: (the following content is for Publishing Club Members…if you want to know […]

3 Reasons Authors Don’t Sell Books

Beat the Trend! Writers pour themselves into their books, learn their craft, publish and then wait, hoping that the value of what they have done will be evident to everyone who needs to read their book. So most authors will just put their book “out there” with nothing but a wish and a prayer that […]