How to Promote Your Book on Social Media

(The answer is, you don't!)

Many authors are hesitant to promote their book online because they are afraid that they will come off sounding like a used car salesman. They assume that promoting their book means “yelling” “BUY MY BOOK please?” every time they are online. True, some people do this, but they turn off more readers than they ever […]

Book Promotion Secrets

Your Secret Book Promotion Connection I just read an article by Porter Anderson about Hugh Howey (who self published the very successful indie book, Wool). I was secretly thrilled that most of the tips Howey gives authors about self publishing in this article are the same things I teach my clients. (It’s always nice to […]

Becoming a Best Selling Author: Part 2

Being Persistent, Consistent and Glued The second step to becoming a best-selling author is being persistent, consistent and glued to your task. Let’s unpack those terms and see how they apply to your overall plan. Being Persistent Persistence, according to my Mac’s dictionary, has this meaning: Firm or obstinate (as in stubbornly refusing to change) […]

I’m Socially Confused

Socially Confused……………. Dear Awesome Publishing Coach, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Youtube, Shelfari…there are so many social media outlets!!! How do I know which is the best? Signed, Socially Confused Dear Socially Confused, I don’t blame you, dear one, for being overwhelmed. While social media is a very important part of building your platform and gaining […]