Can Self Publishing Hurt Me?

Question of the Week: I get this question all the time: “Will self publishing hurt my chances of being picked up by a traditional publisher?” Sometimes new authors are afraid to self publish because they think that traditional publishing houses will think they aren’t worthy of publishing. Honestly, the opposite is true. Traditional publishers today […]

Becoming a Best Selling Author: Part 2

Being Persistent, Consistent and Glued The second step to becoming a best-selling author is being persistent, consistent and glued to your task. Let’s unpack those terms and see how they apply to your overall plan. Being Persistent Persistence, according to my Mac’s dictionary, has this meaning: Firm or obstinate (as in stubbornly refusing to change) […]

Three Keys to Becoming a Best-Sellng Author

Beyond write the book, edit the book, rewrite the book… a Best-Selling Author needs this: If you want to reach the goal of being a promoted and purchased author (leading you to becoming a best-selling author), there are three things you must do to propel your success. Make a Plan To Get The Word Out […]

Self Publishing and Bookstore Sales

Is an Independent Author Barred from Bookstore Sales? According to James Altucher, who has published eight books in seven years, choosing to publish his last two books himself, having your book in a bookstore is not a guaranteed right for any author: “How will I get in bookstores? I don’t know. How will you? Traditional publishers […]

Publishing Stats-Its about Independence!

Some Interesting Stats for Independently Published Authors: 287% % of books published by their author (i.e. self published or independently published) in 2012 rose by 287% over 2011 200 The average number of books sold by a new author 700 The average number of books my 2012 1:1 Publishing Coaching Clients sold in 2012   $7000 The average in […]