How to Promote Your Book on Social Media

(The answer is, you don't!)

Many authors are hesitant to promote their book online because they are afraid that they will come off sounding like a used car salesman. They assume that promoting their book means “yelling” “BUY MY BOOK please?” every time they are online. True, some people do this, but they turn off more readers than they ever […]

Should an Author Use Instagram?

My author/clients usually groan when I say social media. “Ughhhh…do I have to do it?” they will complain. My answer? “Only if you want to sell the book that you have poured yourself into and paid good money to publish.” Today, let’s chat about Instagram. Here is what it is in a nutshell (and shamelessly […]

Why Keywords Matter

Very simply put, keywords are the words that people put into the googler when they are searching for something. They are either words or phrases that are common to a search like these: Self Publishing Getting Published Writing a book Publishing We are now finding that people are increasingly searching with longer phrases and sentences […]